2015 Men's Boots for Fall

Fall has arrived…
The leaves are falling and the air is crisp and cool. This is the sign of “BOOT SEASON”. Take a look at some of my favorite mens boots this season you can rock with slacks, chinos, jeans and more to complete your look. 

Let me know which pair is your favorite! -Rashad


More About Rashad

What is your approach to styling? When styling a client, I listen to what you want to accomplish with your clothing, then the magic happens. Once I have all the pertinent information, I will create a look(s) that will be comfortable for your body type and image. My goal is to match your personality with timeless, sophisticated, and stylish fashions. Let's have some fun and create a style you'll love.

How does the ideal closet audit go when you're with a client? A closet audit helps us to identify what you have in your closet that can be utilized in creating your image. You will try on things that have potential and purge things that miss the mark. By listening to each other, we will be able to collaborate on what feels and looks good on you. Once your closet is organized you will be able to select daily clothing options with ease. 

How does the ideal shopping trip go when you're with a client? The "shopping trip" is about having fun while selecting looks that are inline with your style direction. Don't be nervous about the "shopping trip". This will be your opportunity to get on the spot fashion advice while utilizing my style expertise in selecting what's feels good for you. I love when clients are willing to try options they normally wouldn't pick themselves or thought they couldn't pull off. Let's go shopping!

How did you get into styling? At a young age I've always had a passion for fashion. I remember in school, over summer break, I would create my style/image for the new school year. My eye for fashion has afforded me the opportunity to share my creative edge in the lives of family, friends and sometimes strangers.

What gets you excited as a stylist? Creating an image a client loves, while educating them on how to look great everyday is what gets me excited as a stylist.

Who are your style icons? Jane Birkin, Kate Moss, Ralph Lauren, Pharell, Idris Elba, Nat King Cole, David Beckham, Kerry Washington

If you could go back in time to any period, when would you go to? 1970's and 1980's

What are your favorite stores when you're shopping for yourself? Macy's, Nordstrom, Paul Frederick, Zara, Lord and Taylor. Online: Hautelook, Gilt, MyHabit, ASOS just to name a few.

What's your one piece of style advice? Own your style; if you don't who will!

How do you know when your client is satisfied? I know when my clients are satisfied when they can't stop looking at themselves in the mirror and their confidence is through the roof from all the compliments they receive.

What are your strengths as a stylist? Womenswear, Womans Plus-size, Womans Curvy, Menswear, Big & Tall

What are your weaknesses as a stylist? My weakness as a stylist would be... I just can't get enough of fashion. Fashion makes me weak because I love style.

“Style isn’t just the clothes you wear. Style is the formula on how YOU wear the clothes.”

Personal Statement by Rashad Buckingham of Style Formula

Located in Chicago, IL. Style Formula by Rashad Buckingham is the better way to approach fashion. Rashad realizes that there is no one size fits all solution and each person’s style formula is unique without limits. Chicago is a place full of culture and artistry with some of the most of the most exquisite shopping in the world. Rashad is inspired by traveling, urban cities, food, street festivals, concerts and events allow you the opportunity to express your style through fashion. 

Through the years Rashad’s passion for men and women’s style was fueled by the dream of becoming a fashion designer known for incredible style. Rashad started styling himself as a young boy because he was a husky kid (Yes, Husky was the name used to describe plus size or Fat Kids clothing) who couldn’t find the exact style in his size. Rashad created his own unique style by shopping from J.C. Penny catalogs where he would create fashionable trends to set himself apart as a husky kid. Rashad was frequently sought out by family and friends to assist with helping to shop for new wardrobe additions or to provide style sense for special occasions. Rashad has always has a passion for big and tall men and plus size woman’s clothing. He was always fascinated with the way plus size men and women looked in great in clothes. We all deserve to be fashionable no matter our size or body type. 

To describe Rashad’s personal style in two words would be Urban Sophisticated. He likes wearing clothing with a tailored and sophisticated incorporating seasonal colors, prints and textures all while in an urban flair of living in the City of Chicago. Rashad’s theory has always been, everyone has their own unique style and personality which is expressed through your style of dress.  Style isn’t just the clothes you wear. Style is your formula on how you wear the clothes. For example two individuals can wear the same outfit but their own style DNA will express a different style perspective in both individuals.


STYLE FORMULA was created to help men and woman of all body types discover their unique style. SF believes that everyone has their own unique style formula that’s based upon your personality, way of life, culture and upbringing. Style is unique to each individual and can be expressed in various was including the way you dress. 

By choosing STYLE FORMULA you will achieve an individual style palate that is formulated specifically for you. Our detailed analysis will help to achieve your personal style goals, become knowledgeable about your personal style, and what clothing works for your body type. Our ultimate goal is to help you select a wardrobe that you’re comfortable with to ultimately increase your confidence.

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