Here are some testimonials from clients regarding the work that I've completed for them. These testimonials come from emails and client feedback sheets. 

Rashad is really amazing, both in talent and in spirit. I was so worried that I needed to start all over with my wardrobe, but he was able to put outfits together that I would have never dreamed! I have recently completed my medical training which means I have spent the last 10 years as a broke and frumpy medical student/resident. As I move on to the next phase of my life, I need a wardrobe that represents the woman I have become and Rashad started that process with the little frumpy wardrobe that I already have in my possession. Also, I am plus size with an “apple” shape and Rashad is very good at highlighting the positives while camouflaging the negatives. The first thing i did when I woke up this morning was to schedule a shopping trip for next week! Rashad is so sweet and pleasant. It really is like having a very talented and creative friend come over and help you figure out what to wear to here and there. I immediately felt at ease around him and by the time he left I felt like we were old friends reunited. I just love this guy.
— Latanja
Rashad was great. I was so afraid he wouldn’t get my style, or would be all “judgy” about my clothes but honestly he totally dialed in my style and made me feel at ease. He made some sense of my closet in about 2 minutes and proceeded put together 3 new looks from just the clothes I own already. They were all great. I actually wore one outfit the next day to work and I got a compliment the second I walked in! How great is that!?
— Shawna
I went on a shopping trip with Rashad and it was awesome! By asking question up front he had a good sense of what my personal style was and he already had a sense of the types of things we should look at before we got together. I don’t really enjoy shopping and I needed a dress for an upcoming wedding so I sought out a little help. The trip was efficient and he did a good job of finding a nice mix of things that I would like but he also encouraged me to try some looks that I normally wouldn’t think about. Ultimately I got a beautiful dress, that I know I wouldn’t have picked out on my own, and I looked great. I highly recommend Rashad’s services.
— Delilah